Return Policy

Dear customer,Welcome to this mall!

The products in our mall are all brand-name products that have passed our strict screening and have been tested by the market. We hope that these products, with the current technological development level and manufacturing process, and at a reasonable price, can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. If you have any questions when choosing a product, please contact our customer service in time (see Contact Us for details), and our customer service will try our best to provide you with information and suggestions. If you change your mind after your purchase, please let us know in time (see Contact Us for details). If you find any damage (see SHIPPING POLICY for details) or quality problems (see warranty service for details) after receiving the goods, please contact us in time (see Contact Us for details).

If you encounter a service that requires a return or refund, in addition to other special handling methods that our customer service informs you, our mall will give the following promises or regulations:

In addition to food, underwear and personal hygiene sanitary ware (such as: toilet seat, toothbrush, skin care products, etc.), basically all products can be returned.
For items that can be returned, the refundable time is limited to 30 days after the customer receives the item. After more than 30 days, no return is allowed.
We will refund to your original payment account within 48 hours of receiving the returned item.
If the item has not been used, we will deduct the delivery cost of the item.
If the item has been used, the principle is to enter the warranty link, and we will provide warranty service. If the customer still needs to return the item, we will deduct the item's courier fee, anti-warehouse fee, processing fee and loss due to use time.
After the item has exceeded the returnable period, the customer will return it, and we will have the right not to refund the payment.
Customers are advised to contact our customer service in time before returning the goods (see Contact Us for details).
If the item is damaged during the return, the customer is responsible for it. Please be sure to pack it well. The return mailing costs will be borne by the customer.
Before purchasing, please read these regulations carefully, that is, you can enjoy our service promise and know our corresponding regulations. Once the purchase order is completed, this policy becomes effective.
If you have any questions, please contact our mall customer service (see contact us for details).


Thank you!