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Delivery Service

Dear customer,

thank you for your patronage!

Customers buying their favorite items online are extremely concerned about how to get them. To this end, we combine our company’s processing procedures and related partner companies’ service procedures to explain here for you to purchase, place an order or inquire.

1. Scope of delivery

At present, our mall provides delivery to the following areas and apologizes to customers who have not yet opened the delivery area. We will make unremitting efforts to expand our service scope.

Whole of Canada
The 48 continental North American states (for the time being, Hawaii, Alaska and overseas small islands are not within the service range).
If you are not sure whether your area is within the scope of delivery, please feel free to contact our online customer service. If after the order is completed, we find that the delivery area is not within the scope of our services, we have the right to cancel the order and complete the refund (for refunds, please refer to the refund service content).

2. Delivery information

For accurate and fast delivery, we need you to accurately enter complete delivery information, including: country, province/state, city, street location (including house number and possible unit number), postal code, consignee’s name and contact phone number ( Preferably it is a mobile phone number).

If you have special instructions or instructions, please leave us a message in the delivery instructions (optional) on the checkout page, and we will try our best to satisfy. If your request cannot be fulfilled temporarily, we will contact you, please understand!

Because the distribution information is the basis for processing orders and distribution, please ensure that it is accurate and complete, thank you!

If the delivery fails or is delayed due to incorrect information, please understand! If this causes additional costs, it may be borne by the customer, and if it results in a return, it may be deducted from the refund (for details, please refer to the refund service content).

3. Delivery preparation

After we receive the order, we need our distribution logistics department to prepare for distribution, which includes a series of tasks: retrieve and distribute orders, sort and sub-department processing, check inventory quantities, check the working conditions of cooperative logistics companies, and make logistics distribution Documents, possible packaging and inspection of items, notification of order processing status to customers, etc.

The preparation work usually takes 1 to 2 working days, please know and understand! We will continue to improve the process, improve processing efficiency, and hope to get your support.

4. Delivery method

We provide the following delivery methods:

Store pickup
At present, only in the Vancouver area and nearby areas, the nearest store pickup is provided. The delivery address is as follows:

3700 no.3 road, unit 2330

Richmond BC V6X3X2


If you are far away from the pick-up point or cannot pick up in person, please do not select this option. If the order has been completed, please contact us in time to change the delivery method.

Before picking up the goods, please call the customer to confirm the stocking situation of our store. After getting the confirmation, pick up the goods within the working hours of our store on the same day, and we will ensure your items. If by any chance you cannot pick up the goods on the day you have something to do, you will need to re-appoint for confirmation one day later. In order to avoid being out of stock when picking up the goods, please understand!

When picking up the goods, our service staff may need to check the information. The consignor is requested to bring a valid certificate, know the relevant information of the order, and sign the pick-up form. If you do not have a valid certificate or cannot sign, please change the delivery method.

Local delivery
According to the distance between the receiving address and the address of our local delivery processing, after the delivery is prepared, the local delivery time is divided into 12 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours, and the required delivery costs are 2.5$, 10$, and 20$, respectively. 30$ etc.

3700 no.3 road, unit 2330

Richmond BC V6X3X2


Before delivery, we will confirm with the consignee by phone, and try to deliver at the convenience of the consignee (so, we hope to leave the mobile phone number).

When the delivery starts, you will be notified by email.

When handing over the items, we need the consignee to sign the delivery document. If the consignee does not have the ability to sign or is inconvenient to sign, please choose another delivery method.

After the delivery is signed, there will be an email to notify the ordering customer. The order status will be changed to "delivered" status.

This delivery method is flexible and cheap, and it also avoids damage during delivery. It is a good choice for customers near our local processing center. The signature and telephone contact are necessary, please understand!

Delivery within Canada
At present, we have reached a cooperation with the Canadian Post Office, and the Canadian Post Office provides convenient delivery services.

During order processing, an order delivery tracking number will be generated and sent to the ordering customer by mail.

During the delivery of the order, customers can check the order location and possible investment date on the Canada Post website ( based on the tracking number of the order.

Ship to the 48 states of the continental U.S. North America
At present, we have reached a cooperation with UPS to realize delivery services in the United States with the help of UPS's strong logistics network.

During order processing, an order delivery tracking number will be generated and sent to the ordering customer by mail.

During the delivery of the order, customers can check the order location and possible investment date on the UPS website ( according to the tracking number of the order.

If customers have any questions about choosing a delivery method, please feel free to contact us.

5. Delivery costs

When the customer is checking out, after entering the delivery address, the mall system will provide the corresponding delivery service according to the delivery method selected by the customer, the distance of the delivery address, and the service content of the delivery company. Customers can choose the most advantageous delivery service according to the consignee's residential address, environment and work conditions.

Pickup at the store, no delivery fee.
For local delivery, the cost is mainly determined by the distance between the delivery address and the delivery center, which are 5$, 10$, 20$, 30$, etc.
For long-distance delivery, the delivery cost is determined by the courier company we cooperate with and charges reasonable fees from the market. We will continue to strive for lower delivery costs from relevant express companies.
For some heavy items, such as washing machines, dryers, large range hoods, etc., some additional delivery fees may be charged. For delivery within Canada, the delivery fee must be an additional 5% of the item amount; for the 48 states of the continental United States, the delivery fee must be an additional 10% of the item amount.
If the customer has any questions about the delivery cost, please feel free to contact us.

6. Delivery time

The delivery time is usually the longest time in the logistics distribution link, and the time required varies based on the different regions of the delivery and the different delivery methods.

For store pickup and local delivery, please refer to the instructions in the delivery method section.
About delivery within Canada
One day after you get the tracking number, you can start inquiring on the Canadian Post website to get an approximate idea of ​​the time required for delivery. It may be due to uncontrollable reasons such as weather, traffic, wildfires, wars, etc., delays in the delivery of orders in some time periods, please understand!

About delivery within the U.S.
One day after you get the tracking number, you can start inquiring on the UPS website, and you can get a rough idea of ​​the required delivery time. It may be due to weather, traffic, mountain fires, etc., that the order delivery in some time periods may be delayed, please understand!

Customers are requested to ensure that the delivery information is accurate, and avoid situations such as failure to deliver, difficult to deliver, and unable to sign (local delivery).

Currently, we have two major logistics centers in North America. We will send it to the distribution center closest to the receiving address of the order for processing, and deliver the goods to you nearby, in order to achieve the fastest possible delivery. We will strive to open up more distribution centers to continuously improve distribution efficiency.

7. Delivery query

If you have any questions about the delivery link, you can contact us at any time, and our customer service staff will try our best to answer you.

The basis for shipping query is the order number, and you can also provide your name and phone number for query. The customer service staff may check some information.

Both ordering customers and receiving customers can check the delivery status based on the tracking number obtained on the website of the courier company we cooperate with. Customers can also log on to our website to check the status of related orders.

8. Delivery accident

Accurate and complete delivery is very important to customers, and we also attach great importance to it. In addition to ensuring the accuracy of the distribution information, we require our staff to check carefully and try to avoid human error.

We will choose a reputable large-scale courier company to cooperate and strive to achieve the best possible delivery service.

However, if there is a delivery accident, we will do the following:

If the data is entered incorrectly, please find out and contact us in time, and strive to be corrected before the goods are shipped, so that the distribution can be normalized, and there will be no additional cost loss.
If it is a human error of our staff, our company will be responsible for the additional loss of delivery, and we will apologize to the customer.
If the courier company damages the item during the delivery, we will contact the courier company to solve it. However, the customer and the consignee must also check the condition of the outer packaging and internal components of the item when receiving the goods. If you find that the outer packaging of the item is seriously damaged, please take a picture and send it to us, and then open the outer packaging after contacting us. If the outer packaging is intact but part of the inside is damaged, you can also take a photo and send it to us, and then you can decide whether to use it after contacting us. Once the items are used, customers can no longer pursue the damage of logistics and distribution. Please refer to our warranty service for details about the quality of the items after use.
If the courier company damages the item during the delivery and needs to deliver it again, we will contact the customer to confirm. If the customer no longer needs or does not want to wait, they can cancel the order and we will refund (see the refund service terms for details). If the customer wants to change to another delivery method, negotiate according to the specific situation before delivering again

9. Supplementary explanation

Dear customers, your order is our greatest recognition and trust. While thanking, we will continue to work hard to do a good job in after-sales distribution and a series of related services. If you have any comments and suggestions, please contact us at your convenience, or leave a message online or call us.

Happy shopping!