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Makoto one-pot three-pot ceramic high-grade stainless steel electric stew pot (DGD-18EG)

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Skyrim brand high-end all-ceramic liner water-proof electric stew pot DGD-18EG, 1.8L capacity, can meet 2-4 people, stainless steel liner, four all-ceramic liners in one pot, ceramic pot for soup and porridge.
★ Skyrim brand high-end all-ceramic liner stewed in water, ETL certified, brand-name quality assurance, including Chinese and English manuals and Chinese recipes
★ 1.8L capacity, meeting 2-4 people
★ Double-layer casing with plastic outside and steel inside, gathers energy and saves energy, and is safe and anti-scalding
★ The inner layer is 304 food grade high-grade stainless steel
★ Waterproof and soft stew, with precise temperature control, comprehensively promote the extraction of nutrients
★ One pot with four tanks is a combination of multiple all-ceramic inner tanks, which can stew different foods at the same time, without the need to stew in stages, and meet different needs at the same time
★ One-key function can be stewed: Cordyceps/Bird’s Nest/Iinglass/Congee/Rice/Set Menu/Meat/Bone/Yogurt/Quick Cook/Others/Insulation
★ Multiple safety protection systems to ensure product safety
★ Unique water shortage reminder, appointment timing intelligent control
★ 110V-120V standard voltage in North America