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Tonze Automatic Waterproof Electric Stew Pot 3.2L DGD33-32EG One Pot Four Pots Water-sealed Ceramic Liner Waterproof Soft Stew Nourishing Stew Pot

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  • Brand: TONZE
  • Model: SDZ-32EG
  • Capacity: 3.2L large capacity
  • Power: 600W
  • Voltage: 110V/60HZ
  • Color: purple/white
  • Material of stew pot: high-quality ceramics
  • LCD display
  • One pot with four pots, you can put 3 small stew pots at the same time at a time to meet the needs of different cuisines
  • Double-layer structure of inner steel and outer plastic, energy-saving, safe and anti-scalding
  • A 24-hour long appointment, allowing you to enjoy hot and delicious food at any time
  • The water shortage buzzer function makes it safer to use
  • The ceramic liner is fired at high temperature, with a unique patent for water sealing, tightly locked and nutritious and stewed to give a real umami taste
  • 15 functions: bird's nest, cordyceps, isinglass, ginseng, bone soup, broth, rice, set meal, yogurt, white fungus, mung bean, porridge, stew, appointment, heat preservation li>
  • Product size (length×width×height): 13.25"× 11"× 10.5"