Zojirushi microcomputer large window electric thermos CD-LCC30/CD-LCC40

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main feature:

100% boiling completely, easy to make tea, coffee, etc.
Electric water discharging mode, water can be discharged with a light press
Microcomputer control system, three heat preservation settings (98℃, 90℃, 80℃)
Ultra-wide-angle large window, you can clearly see the water volume display no matter the front or side
Wide mouth container for easy adding and pouring of water
The digital LCD screen clearly displays the timing setting and temperature
Power saving timer function (7 hours), power saving and energy saving
Anti-dry protection, safe and reliable.

A detailed description:

The Zojirushi CD-LCC electric hot water bottle adopts a microcomputer control system. After the water reaches boiling, it will automatically enter the heat preservation state. There are three heat preservation settings to choose from (high temperature 98℃, power saving mode 90℃, green tea brewing 80℃) and The "boiling" function is used to re-boil the hot water in the heat preservation state. Tap the "electric water outlet" button on the top, and the hot water will flow out smoothly, making it easy to make tea, coffee or instant noodles. This electric hot water bottle is also specially enhanced with a user-friendly and considerate design. When the water bottle stops dispensing water for 10 seconds, the water outlet button is automatically locked to prevent children from being dangerous due to misuse. Press the "Unlock" button to release the lock and the water will flow normally.

The Zojirushi CD-LCC electric hot water bottle uses a bright ultra-wide-angle large window (Panorama Window), and the water volume display can be clearly seen on the front or side. The inner liner is a wide-mouthed container with a wide mouth, which makes it easy to add and pour water, and it is easy to put your hand into the bottle, which is very convenient to clean. The inner tank processed by the anti-stick coating is not easy to adhere to dirt and can effectively prevent the formation of scale. The digital LCD screen on the top clearly displays the timing setting and temperature, allowing users to see at a glance during use.

The Zojirushi CD-LCC electric hot water bottle has a power-saving timer function (7 hours), which can be used to suspend heating and heat preservation during sleep or when not in use, saving electricity and energy. At the end of the set power saving time, the electric hot water bottle will automatically heat the water to boiling and enter the heat preservation state.

The Zojirushi CD-LCC electric hot water bottle has multiple perfect safety measures. The hot water does not leak when it is tilted or tipped over, and has a dry-burn prevention function. It will automatically start the dry-burn prevention function and stop the heater's power supply under the following conditions:
When plugging in without adding water
When the water volume is lower than the water supply label for boiling water
The hot water is used up and no more water is added
When you open the top cover but forget to add water


Model: CD-LCC
Capacity: 3 or 4 liters
Rated voltage: 110V
Rated power: 800W
Size: 9 x 11-3/4 x 10 inches
Color: light gray

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