Zojirushi Microcomputer Three-dimensional Surrounding Heating Luxury Pressure Rice Cooker NP-NVC18

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Main Feature:

Different pressures are applied during the cooking process to inspire the deep sweetness of the rice
The IH electromagnetic surrounding heating technology makes the rice more full and translucent, fragrant and soft
The platinum vacuum pan makes the heat concentrated and conducts heat more evenly
Active brown rice function, greatly enhance the beneficial nutrients in brown rice
Intelligent microcomputer control system
Multi-function: white rice, mixed rice, sushi rice, porridge, glutinous rice, brown rice, active brown rice, disposable rice and quick cooking rice
Automatic heat preservation and sleep heat preservation function
Two sets of timers, super appointment timing function
Can be set to extend the soaking and steaming time
A detailed description:
This Zojirushi NP-NVC18 microcomputer pressure rice cooker is Zojirushi’s flagship rice cooker product. It has advanced fuzzy logic technology and AI (artificial intelligence) technology. It can automatically adjust the cooking cycle to achieve uniform heating and good taste. It can ensure that each grain of rice can be fully heated in the pot, and there are four types of cooking: brown rice, sushi rice, bibimbap, and porridge.